Narrative Editing Reel

The following program features work edited by Anthony D Frederick.
00:05 - Viva La Visa (Short film; 2023; Marco Marchiori, Alan Trinca, Sarah Rich)
01:34 - Girl In Isolation (Short film; 2020; Jireh Deng, Anthony D Frederick)
02:49 - Elena (Short Film; 2015; Anthony D Frederick)
04:23 - Comatose (Music Video; 2018; Shallow Hills, Anthony D Frederick)
05:42 - Change Of Heart (Short Film; 2019; Anthony D Frederick)
07:07 - The Puppet History Holiday Spectacular! (TV Episode; 2022; Watcher Entertainment)


A representation of various commercial, doc, web, and narrative work I've made over the last few years.0:01 : PHIC Ethnography Project, TN (Unfinished) CREDIT: Videographer
0:04 : Spring Canyon/Father Teen Adventure (2014) CREDIT: Videographer
0:07 : Where The River Goes (Short Film, 2013) CREDIT: Producer, Director, Writer
0:09 : O’Sister, Brother Documentary (Post-Production) CREDIT: Producer, Co-Director, Cinematographer
0:13 : Noah’s Ark Documentary (2012) CREDIT: Videographer
0:15 : Home of Love Chennai, India Documentary (2012) CREDIT: Videographer
0:16 : The Magic of The Nutcracker (2014) CREDIT: Cinematographer, Editor
0:21 : ArchWay Kids Project (2016) CREDIT: Videographer
0:32 : Rethink Poverty Dallas: Redemption (2016) CREDIT: Cinematographer
0:37 : T I C K (Short Film Promo, 2014) CREDIT: Videographer
1:00 : D.Praxis Promo (2016) CREDIT: Producer, Editor
1:32 : Lodge Cast Iron Foundry (2015) CREDIT: B Cam Operator
"Blossom K" by Raphae, appears on the album Vesper, courtesy of
Unidentified recording of lecture by Ram Dass

Anthony D. Frederick began his career in the Ukraine at the audacious age of six when he set out to write the next Great Novel. Due to copyright issues, none of his early work survives.After three years of winter, his family migrated to Thailand for the weather. There he grazed for ten years from a bottomless bowl of Khao Soi, immersed in motorbikes, massage therapy, and movies. In 2007, he wrote, produced, and directed his first film. Due to unforeseen circumstances, none of his early work survives.In 2016 Anthony moved to Los Angeles where he currently resides as an accomplished video editor. He has over 15 years experience in post-production across multiple mediums including narrative, documentary, commercial, music videos, and unscripted web content.He worked as a staff editor at BuzzFeed from late 2016 to early 2019, editing prestigious Youtube shows such as BuzzFeed Unsolved, Ladylike, and Ruining History, as well as branded content for companies including Netflix, Warner Bros., Amazon, and Google.In 2019 he joined three former colleagues to help launch a new digital studio, Watcher Entertainment, as their Creative Director of Post Production. Most recently in 2023, their show Ghost Files won a People's Voice Webby award. So that's kind of fun.What is Anthony doing now? You should ask him.